Examples of our most recent testimonials:

“I have a great deal more stamina and energy level.  Previously, I would work 15 minutes and then would sit down for 15 minutes.  Now, I can work for 4 hours before I need to sit down.  My legs don’t feel quite so heavy.  Walking used to be a drudgery.  Now, Youthful Returns® has put the spring back in my step.”

R.S.  Age: 76


"I used Youthful Returns® on and off over a five-month period beginning in February this year. I found that my level of energy declined when I wasn't using it and that I had more energy throughout the day when I did. I also discovered if I used it before going for a morning walk or working outside, the aches and pains in my back were not as bad.

After evaluating the results over those five months, I realized the benefits of taking it on a regular basis and now I am."

R.D. "A more youthful" Age: 71


"I started using Youthful Returns® in late November.  The pain in my knee had noticeably decreased in a few weeks.  In late December, I stopped using Youthful Returns™ for 5 days.  The pain in my knee returned to levels experienced before I began using Youthful Returns™.  After returning to Youthful Returns™ the pain subsided again.  I believe that Youthful Returns™ lowered the pain in my knee."

L.C. Age: 62


"Youthful Returns® really works!!  Can't say enough about how much better I feel, less joint pain, more energy and that 2:00 PM nap every day is gone.  The biggest mistake I made was not taking it with me for a business trip- When I returned, I couldn't wait to get it back into my system.  What a difference!"

M.M. Age: 50


“Youthful Returns® helped me in a very personal way.  It helped resolve a private issue that had been troubling me for years.  I am so happy to have this product in my life; it will increase my overall health and well-being.”

L.W. Age: 35


"Youthful Returns® has significantly improved my digestion, and has also helped me recover from my workouts more effectively.  Even at my age, this product makes a big difference." 

G.H. Age: 27